At Wild About Wood, we pride ourselves on providing truly unique, contemporary bespoke Australian furniture that meets your every desire.

The timbers we use have incredible character, withstanding the constant ravages of the harsh Australian climate. As a result of fires, flood, drought and storms, natural scarring and gum veins occur throughout the timber. With precise selective milling, these features create unique and superb characteristics in the timber slabs.

In addition to the aesthetic appeal, there are real environmental benefits due to the better utilisation of our sustainable natural timber resources. The timber we use is especially durable, hard and stable, making it perfect for furniture making.

We have designed a patented range of furniture, which offers a unique combination of character, durability and environmental responsibility. By harmonising these features with contemporary designs we are able to create special pieces that will be highly valued many decades from now. Every piece of bespoke furniture we create is as unique and individual as you are.


Ross Wilding
Founder & Designer
Wild About Wood